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 South Pond, Midhurst

Who are we?

Midhurst Lions belong to the the Worldwide Assosciation of Lions Clubs International.
We are local people whose aim is to help others by fundraisng, community events and supporting local projects. 

What do we do?

With the money we raise we are able to offer assistance to local individuals and groups 

as well as international disaster relief. 

We make a difference by ...... Serving the community

If you are new to Lionism, through these pages you will be able to find out about the work 

of Lions International and our Lions Club in particular.


Have you some time to spare?
Would you like to join us?

Go to our 'Contact Us' page or telephone 0844 9632474

 and we will be glad to arrange to have a chat with you,

No pressure, No obligation.


If you are a Lion, and perhaps planning to visit our area, we hope our website will encourage you to visit us.